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Nice Folders lets you easily customize the way your folders look. After installing this free program, right click on the icon you want to modify, and choose Change Icon. The Nice Folders icon appears and you can start giving your icon a facelift. Alter its size, work pixel by pixel, or just simply swap it with a completely different icon from your own Icons Library.

At first you are quite limited, since you can only choose from the usual Windows icons. However, you can add other icons downloaded from Internet into the Icons Library. And if you suddenly feel melancholic and want to go back to your original icon, just click Restore Default Icon. Nice Folders is very easy to handle, however it really isn’t that groundbreaking. Sure, it’ll do the basic icon editing functions, but if you’re really looking to liven up your interface, better look for hipper customization software.

Nice Folders has been designed to take advantage of a new feature introduced in Internet Explorer's Desktop Update Component which lets users customized the appearance of every folder in the system.

With Nice Folders you'll be able to customize every single yellow folder of Windows.
It lets you customize icons such as My Computer, the Recycle Bin, the Control Panel, the Task Scheduler and many more! including the drive icon. Some exceptional and useful features of Nice Folder is the ability to mix icons using transparent layers. Users of programs such as Photoshop will feel very used to this feature.

Nice Folders also features an integrated Icon Editor, plus the ability to add a small description to every folder, so every time you hover your mouse over it, a small ToolTip will appear showing the description.

Nice Folders


Nice Folders 2.2.2

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